Monday, May 19, 2014

Nothing today

The Supreme Court did not act today on the Confrontation Clause cases it had listed for last week's conference.  I wonder if it's still waiting for all the papers in another case.  In any event they will presumably be relisted for another conference soon -- the term is almost over!


Anonymous said...

The cases from last week's conference have been relisted again for this week's conference (May 22). If the Justices are waiting for all the papers in another case, why would they relist so quickly? Perhaps they just need additional time to consider the cases before them?

Richard D. Friedman said...

Yes, I think that's right -- when I wrote my post I wasn't yet aware that the cases would be relisted for this week's conference. So now we'll probably hear something on Tuesday the 27th.

Anonymous said...

All of the CC cases considered at the May 22 conference appear to have been denied. Brutal.